Surface protection into the future - Nano-sealing with Lotuseffekt

Surface protection into the future - Nano-sealing with Lotuseffekt

Nature, Our Friend and Helper


For centuries mankind has profited from nature. A recreational walk through the woods can calm the nerves and aid in inspiration. Rather than just that. Many discoveries are based on previously established biological truths. Mankind could do not have learned to fly if there have been no birds. The first airplanes were depending on these animals. Whoever would like to accept the time will sure find it hard to 't be inspired naturally.

Brainstorming In regards to the Environment

Savvy individuals have already heard about Lotuseffekt. It is no embarrassment never to yet maintain the know, but only an unknowledgable person would dismiss the advantages of this technology. What is Lotuseffekt essentially? Everybody knows these problem: A roof leaks because it's missing and protective coating. Hence the property risks losing value as well as the problem has to be corrected quickly. Or it can be an automobile that included a faulty splash of paint. It might be also a beloved furniture which has been affected by harsh cleaning chemicals. Simply speaking, whatever are without surface durability. Here, nature comes yet again into play. So you know where you can turn for such problems the perfect solution is is named Lotuseffekt. The name arises from the truth that the result is achieved with all the lotus plant. They excel in making your roof more resistant. Although these vegetation is usually encompassed by a lot of muck and grime they remain untouched because of it their lives. Nothing can wear or harm these plants. Several clever mankind has copied this trick of nature in order that mankind could benefit from it.

Uses in the Wild

Nano-sealing works together with the Lotuseffekt for the reason that we've got the technology is used to roofing. While ordinary protective coats have a simple structure the nano-sealing has tiny scratches. In this way a nano-meter is equivalent to one-millionth of the millimeter. A magnifier won’t help you to see these particles. Whoever desires to protect against dirt and grime should definitely consider the Lotuseffekt. Nano-sealing is the best weapon on this war. Expensive objects need constant care. Using the Lotuseffekt it is possible to conserve your entire cherished possessions. Therefore, it can make no sense whether is wood, varnish, or marble for it not have one or more application. Eco-friendly people can breathe a sigh of relief. Lotuseffekt, making nano-sealing possible, can be completely natural. The coating releases no harmful chemicals in to the air that may hurt people or animals. The top can be antibacterial and friendly to your skin. Housewives also can rejoice since this surface is simple to clean. Whoever has been skeptical of the biological merits until recently will be looking forward to Lotuseffekt. With the help of nano-techology this is possible to have surfaces with little upkeep that may also be worth your while. Expensive maintenance has stopped being necessary. All of the instructions are pretty straight forward along with a breeze for almost any layman. For bigger projects professionals can be obtained.

Surface techniques Preimeß GmbH

Contact person: Bernhard Preimeß

Borgwardring 19A - Nanotchnologie

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